Timber Cabin

About this Project

TIMBER CABIN: This removable building is quick to erect, affordable and robust.

It has thick timber walls, ceiling and floor – creating a solid, warm and natural atmosphere. There is 6m3 of pine in this building, which provides good sound and temperature insulation.

The cabin is clad with a stylish new matte Colourbond finish.  It is approved by an engineer, and the electricity is fitted to code.

Granny flat, some extra income, office space, a sleep out to sleep in or a teenage retreat?

This rustic new Timber Cabin is 6 m long, 3.4 m wide, 3.4 m high and transportable.


  • Thick interior timber walls, floor and ceiling, painted.
  • Exterior matt steel cladding.
  • Solid polished timber floor
  • 5 new Aluminium sliding windows, 1 sliding door
  • High ceiling, ready to build a bedroom loft
  • Electricity, LED lights, smoke alarm
  • Termite proofing
  • Built to code
  • Well insulated by thick walls, (total of 6 M3 timber is embodied in cabin!) insulation and air cavity.

Take a look inside here.