Two Bathrooms

We created two new bathrooms where 20 year old waterproofing had failed.

After re-sheeting the floor and most of the walls, plastering and waterproofing we started again (shows you to do it right once). Two bathrooms and toilets. Lovely clients choose a tasty tile combination and door-less shower with a soap nook. We went for a hanging vanity and stylish claw bath. As in most cases, it was a challenge to work with walls that are not straight, square or floors that are not plumb!


BRIEF  To open wall and install timber doors flowing onto a deck that hugs the old watertank. To save height we went for flying rafters with a thicker gage roof sheets. Re-used some hardwood timbers for handrails.

New bathroom & laundry

Time for an upgrade! Together with (and help of Instagram) these friendly and colaborative clients, we re-configured a bathroom that had toilet and shower in one into two seperate rooms. We pushed the laundry wall out to create more room and gave the toilet it’s own entrance and bathroom entry more privacy from the hallway and living. Black and White theme, a hanging double basin and great choice of tap and shower ware came to a spacious (as spacious as we could make it) new bathroom. Find the marble shelve in the mirror! Lucky again not to find asbestos in the walls!