About Johan T.

Having learned the trade in his place of brith, the Netherlands, his main focus is a high standard of quality and clear communication with the client.

Johan T Building has his heart in sustainable construction. With the focus on the longevity of materials, less pollution, better performance and healthy home environments.

After 20 years in the industry he became involved in construction with hemp and lime, also known as hempcrete.

As a previous Director of Hempcrete Australia he has greatly contributed to the use of hempcrete throughout the country. Johan T was instrumental in establishing an official certification allowing the use of a hemp & lime matter to in-fill framed walls for standard home construction.  Whilst Director he also developed an installation manual and gave trainings in many states – expanding and providing momentum for the hemp building industry throughout Australia.

His passion has led to the development of a pre-fabricated, carbon negative,  load bearing block for wall construction.

Along side his building career, Johan is also a Director of Hemp Block Australia and Hemp Block USA. He is currently working closely with a team of hemp consultants, engineers, investors, government & business people to attract seed funding for his HempBLOCK.  Learn more here.

Johan T is also experienced in bespoke furniture design, as well as other custom projects.  He has an eye for the unusual, and a unique & creative approach to design.  Design and 3D drafting are second nature, enabling him to provide computer models of future projects to his clients.

Meanwhile high quality construction and collaboration with the client has been a trade mark through his 22 years in Australia.


“In the end there is nothing nicer than a job well done, and a happy client, whom is content with the work and will gladly recommend you.”

E. Johan Tijssen

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