The Hemp Block Australia (HBA) building block system is the culmination of years of experience, knowledge, testing and development. It’s a revolutionary product designed to meet the demands of the contemporary Australian consumer.

Hempcrete Block Construction

Interlocking and Veneer Blocks

HempBLOCK LB 300

Load-bearing System

Interlocking, no mortar required

Size: 600 x 308 x 300mm

Block Types:

  • Standard Block
  • Post Block
  • Bond Beam Block

Where to use HempBLOCK (LB):

  • Load-bearing walls
  • In-fill walls
  • Residential and Commercial


Masonry Method

Joined with mortar

Size: 600mm wide x 308mm high – with a range of thicknesses:


Where to use HempBLOCKS:

  • Internal insulation
  • External insulation
  • Partitions
  • Renovations

About the HempBLOCK

Hemp and Lime Composite

The HempBLOCK LB300 and its construction system are incredibly quick and simple to install, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies across construction sites. Each interlocking block is 600 x 308 x 300 mm and weighs 18 kgs. The blocks are 84% hemp and don’t require mortar joints.

Construction time is only 10 minutes per square metre. This is half the construction time of building materials with comparable insulation value. The walls can be clad, rendered or plastered. There’s no need for additional wall battens or insulation.

HempBLOCK walls are hygroscopic. They allow moisture transfer through the walls thereby controlling humidity and temperature. This results in constant, comfortable room temperatures all year round and significantly reduces heating and cooling costs, and carbon emissions.

The HempBLOCK LB building system is fully engineered and compliant with Australian standards and building codes.

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