Concrete, Footings and Slabs

Getting your foundations right is essential.  

We provide local concrete in available colours, mixtures to go off slow or fast, with heavy or fine aggregates – specific to your end reults & wishes. Our service may include concerete polishing and underfloor heating. You will find our local concrete pump with line and boom to get it there, on time.

Lining & Cladding, Painting & Rendering

Interior lining: plasterboard, either standard or soundproof, VJ pine hardwood, or other.

Exteriour cladding: fibre cement sheeting, linea boards, timber champher boards (cyprus, hardwood, treated pine), and bricks. Additional claddings available though our preferred suppliers.

We work with established plasterers, dry wall renderers, renderers and local painters.

Plumbing & Waterproofing

Repair, New work or Renovations are done by our recommended plumbers & Gas fitters.

New kitchen or bathroom? We install new gas, electric stove or wood heaters. Prework such as affluence disposal rapports & engineering, trenching & connecting to existing services, is supervised & certified as per council requirements.

We supervise installation of new water tanks, de-commission or new septic systems.

Building Repairs

Property maintenance is key for a long lasting building. We do repairs & maintenance to keep things in order and help with the longevity and look of your property.  

We can also to help get your property ready for sale. 


Our earthwork contractors use 3, 5 & 10 Ton excavators, dosers, dingo’s (less that 1m wide), bob cats & the good old shovel!

Carting dirt, gravel, etc in or out with trucks is done by our local contractors. We hire mobile cranes, cherry pickers & watertrucks to fill the new tanks & septics.

Drafting & Design

Johan has studied 2D and 3D drafting. Many projects start with a quick a walk through 3D design to see how things will fit and flow. We make everything ready for engineers and Council.

After studing Art in the Netherlands he worked on design of shop and cafe fit outs, furniture and theatre props or backgrounds.

Site Management

A building project is largly about timing, good weather and suppliers & trades completing the work on schedule.

A smile, joke & time to talk things over are essential for a smooth & low stress construction process. Safety first! Johan T Building has a no injury history of 20 years and will keep it that way.

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